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GigeVault iSCSI SAN Storage

GigeVault Backup Services
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Storage Quota Price Setup Fee
50 GB iSCSI Storage $17.50/Month $17.50/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
100 GB iSCSI Storage $35.00/Month $35.00/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
200 GB iSCSI Storage $50.00/Month $50.00/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
300 GB iSCSI Storage $75.00/Month $75.00/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
500 GB iSCSI Storage $125.00/Month $125.00/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
1 TB iSCSI Storage $250.00/Month $250.00/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
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