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Xeon D - 1541

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Managed Services Price Setup Fee
Dedicated - Enterprise Management
$99.00/Month $99.00/Month $297.00/Quarter $594.00/Semi-Annual $1,188.00/Annual $0.00
I take complete responsibility for managing my servers
$0.00/Month $0.00/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
Dedicated - Enterprise 360°
$299.00/Month $299.00/Month $897.00/Quarter $1,794.00/Semi-Annual $3,588.00/Annual $0.00
Dedicated - cPanel Enterprise
$99.00/Month $99.00/Month $297.00/Quarter $594.00/Semi-Annual $1,188.00/Annual $0.00
Dedicated - cPanel 360
$149.00/Month $149.00/Month $447.00/Quarter $894.00/Semi-Annual $1,788.00/Annual $0.00
Memory Price Setup Fee
64 GB DDR4 REG ECC RAM 2400Ghz $0.00/Month $0.00/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
256 GB DDR4 REG ECC RAM 2400Ghz $125.00/Month $125.00/Month $375.00/Quarter $750.00/Semi-Annual $1,500.00/Annual $0.00
Hard Drive 2 Price Setup Fee
No Hard Drive 2 $0.00/Month $0.00/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
1TB Enterprise High Endurance SSD $59.00/Month $59.00/Month $177.00/Quarter $354.00/Semi-Annual $708.00/Annual $0.00
Software RAID Price Setup Fee
No Software RAID $0.00/Month $0.00/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
Software RAID 0 $0.00/Month $0.00/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
Software RAID 1 $0.00/Month $0.00/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
Hardware RAID Price Setup Fee
No RAID $0.00/Month $0.00/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
RAID 0 (Requires at least 2 drives, RAID 10 is recommended for redundancy) $35.00/Month $35.00/Month $105.00/Quarter $210.00/Semi-Annual $420.00/Annual $0.00
Raid 1 (Requires at least 2 drives, an additional drive is recommended for a Hot Spare) $35.00/Month $35.00/Month $105.00/Quarter $210.00/Semi-Annual $420.00/Annual $0.00
Out-of-Band Access Price Setup Fee
No Out-of-Band Access $0.00/Month $0.00/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
Standard IPMI and KVM-IP Card (26806) $25.00/Month $25.00/Month $75.00/Quarter $150.00/Semi-Annual $300.00/Annual $0.00
Secondary IP Addresses Price Setup Fee
No Secondary IP Addresses $0.00/Month $0.00/Month $0.00/Quarter $0.00/Semi-Annual $0.00/Annual $0.00
2 IP Addresses $2.00/Month $2.00/Month $6.00/Quarter $12.00/Semi-Annual $24.00/Annual $0.00
4 IP Addresses $4.00/Month $4.00/Month $12.00/Quarter $24.00/Semi-Annual $48.00/Annual $0.00
8 IP Addresses $8.00/Month $8.00/Month $24.00/Quarter $48.00/Semi-Annual $96.00/Annual $0.00
Server Details

Server Total:



Setup Fee:



Contract Length:

Billing Period:

Managed Services:

Dedicated - Enterprise Management [$99.00]


Chicago, Illinois [$0.00]


Intel Xeon D-1541 (27034) [$249.00]


64 GB DDR4 REG ECC RAM 2400Ghz [$0.00]

Hard Drive 1:

1TB Enterprise High Endurance SSD [$0.00]

Hard Drive 2:

No Hard Drive 2 [$0.00]

Software RAID:

No Software RAID [$0.00]

Hardware RAID:

No RAID [$0.00]

Out-of-Band Access:

No Out-of-Band Access [$0.00]


Premium BGP4 Network (FCP Optimized Routing) [$0.00]

Public Uplink Port Speed:

1 Gbps Public (21361) [$0.00]

Private Network:

1 Gbps Private Network [$0.00]

Primary IP Address:

2 IP Addresses [$0.00]

Secondary IP Addresses:

No Secondary IP Addresses [$0.00]

System Architecture:

64-Bit Operating System [$0.00]

Operating System:

CentOS 7 [$0.00]

Server Hardening:

I take responsibility for my server's security [$0.00]


No cPanel License [$0.00]

Web Server Software:

No Web Server Software [$0.00]

Database Software:

No Database Software [$0.00]

Virtualization Software:

No Virtualization Software [$0.00]

Software Firewall:

No Software Firewall [$0.00]

R1soft Location:

Same Location as Server [$0.00]

R1soft Continuous Data Protection Backup Space:

I take responsibility for my backups [$0.00]

Public Bandwidth:

10TB Public Bandwidth [$0.00]

System Monitoring:

I take responsibility for my server's monitoring [$0.00]


No Notification [$0.00]

Automated DDoS Protection:

I take responsibility for my data during a DDoS attack [$0.00]

SSL Certificates:

No SSL Certificate [$0.00]

GigeVault - Network Attached Storage (NAS):

No GigeVault [$0.00]

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